Security Logistics – Todd Moore, ISB. Cargo Theft and What You Didn’t Know

This discussion reveals some of the cargo crime problems in Canada and skyrocketing statistics in comparison to the US, including a look at the root of the problem, the types of groups involved, their trade craft, and what makes them “organized”. This session will also examine the importance of a supply chain security program in combating cargo crime and examine the challenges and benefits of implementing this type of program.

Todd Moore is the Vice President of ISB Global Services Cargo Theft Division. He manages a comprehensive an innovative cargo loss prevention & supply chain security program designed to assist insurance companies, commercial transportation companies and police agencies with cargo crime mitigation solutions. Todd is a retired Police Detective with 31 years policing service. He has extensive investigative experience working in the Intelligence, Organized Crime and Robbery Units. During this time, he coordinated several covert investigations involving confidential human sources, police agents, undercover operators and wiretap investigations. Todd is a designated Certified Security Professional (C.S.P.).