Practical Approaches to Manage Driver Fatigue Risk

Fatigued drivers use more fuel, make more errors, and are more frequently involved in collisions.

Recently experts in the field spoke about the practical approaches to monitor for and manage driver fatigue risk. They also discussed case studies implementing software and other programs to mitigate driver fatigue and the impact of these programs in terms of reductions to safety critical events (e.g., hard braking), collisions, and operating costs.

Matthew van Wollen is a co-founder of Pulsar Informatics. Matthew holds a degree in Engineering Physics and has 20 years experience in transportation safety. He recently served as the lead project coordinator on two congressional mandated DOT studies of truck driver fatigue to aid the hours of service rule making process. He has co-authored several scientific publications in the domain of fatigue risk management and holds two U.S. technology patents for systems related to the monitoring and mitigation of fatigue risk.