New ‘Fuel Lock’ Device to Combat Fuel Theft

prevent fuel theft

With the increase in fuel prices over the past few years, fuel theft, tampering and sabotage has become a significant concern for people in the trucking industry, it is widely acknowledged the need for something a little better than the standard OEM parts.

Although these are good to a point, they do have some weak features. The locking mechanism is totally subjected to the weather with little or no type of protection for it.

These can be tampered with and are easily broken due to being made from cast aluminium. The company behind Fuel Lock have attempted to address some of these issues.

The Fuel Lock is comprised of high tensile steel, which is laser cut, and robotically welded with a very durable powder coated finish. They have created this to not only give substance to the Fuel Lock, but give it longevity in its lifespan.

The cylinder locks and the way they have been incorporated into the product are designed in such a way to facilitate the removal of the whole locking mechanism in order to allow cleaning, lubrication or replacement of the mechanism.

The cylinder locks are ordered in keyed alike pairs and also allow for multi lock fleets where larger fleet sizes can be accommodated.

All aspects of the Fuel Lock are designed to incorporate 5 most common filler neck diameters. This takes into account small straight trucks, reefer tanks, and basically all brands of the most common filler neck diameters, International, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, etc.

The Fuel Lock is manufactured in Canada at one location to ensure the highest quality in the production process. The Fuel Lock is manufactured by TIMBREN Industries, in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, a reputable heavy duty parts manufacturer who have been in business over 40 years.

These products have been tested in all types of weather from northern Canada to the southernmost parts of California. They have been shipped to Australia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Norway, the Bahamas, Portugal and all over U.S. and Canada.

They have been utilized widely throughout the trucking industry, as well as farming and marine industries. Every precaution has been taken to ensure The Fuel Lock is made from quality, durable and tested material. There are other similar shiny aluminium fuel locking products available on the market, which are good to a point, however if their locking mechanism fails, there is no recourse.

The Fuel Lock is much more durable, solid and reliable and with this product you can be assured of many years of reliable operation. We do realize that some components do wear out in extreme weather conditions, and as a result we do offer replacement parts to ensure continued long use of our product at a very reasonable price.

The Fuel Lock can be purchased at, or at select Traction heavy duty parts across Canada and some independent repair shops in Ontario.